How to have a Great Sex Talk with your Partner

When we fall in love, sex seems so natural and easy – we can’t imagine that one day, like any other part of a relationship, we will need to talk about it. But it’s entirely normal to have to discuss and negotiate many aspects of sex, from frequency to quality. Read more:

New Fingerprint Test Can Detect Cocaine Use in Minutes

Scientists have developed a fast-acting, highly sensitive fingerprint test to determine whether a person has recently used cocaine. The new tool comes as a result of the first large scale study of cocaine users and may lead to similar tests designed to detect other Class A substances. Read more:

Compassionate Parenting

I have trouble with terms like "free range parenting" and “positive parenting,” only because some people regard them as code phrases for unrealistic or ineffective parenting. I prefer "compassionate parenting," where parents model their more humane values to teach children self-regulation. Read more:

Our Amazing Ability to Quickly Judge People’s Personality

Are we generally fairly good at judging people's personality? Can we tell by just looking (or listening) whether a person is confident, gregarious, shy, responsible, calm or attention-seeking? Recent studies in psychology suggest that we can. Read more:

Follow These 3 Tips to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

In an ideal world, no one would have to stretch beyond their comfort zone to succeed at work, and all the tasks and responsibilities we need to perform would fit perfectly with our personalities. But unfortunately, this isn't usually the case. Conflict avoidant managers need to embrace conflict. Read more: