Psychology News – 17 July, 2017

Stressful Lifetime Events Linked to Later Cognitive Decline Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health Headlines Each major event was associated with a detrimental effect on executive function similar to between 1 and 4 years of ageing, a new study suggests. Medscape Medical News _____________ New study of brain circuits finds key links to symptoms of depression [...]

Psychology News – 16 July, 2017

One social hour a week in dementia care improves lives and saves money Mind & Brain News Person-centered activities combined with just one hour a week of social interaction can improve quality of life and reduce agitation for people with dementia living in care homes, while saving money. _____________ Drug combined with care program better [...]

Psychology News – 15 July, 2017

Anxious? Worry a Lot? Here’s How It Can Be Good For You! Psychology Today / by Douglas LaBier Ph.D. Anxiety is rampant in our society. As a psychiatric symptom, it brings many people into psychotherapists’ offices, and/or into seeking medication relief. The same is true for chronic, often pervasive worrying about life situations, especially those you can’t [...]

Psychology News – 14 July, 2017

The Optimism Challenge: Specific Strategies Psychology Today / by David Dillard-Wright Ph.D. A few days ago, I posted a point of entry into a new way of looking at life, a declaration that I would “switch teams ” from pessimism to optimism as a 90-day experiment. I invited all of you to come along for the ride, [...]

Psychology News – 13 July, 2017

Smoking in Pregnancy May Cause Antisocial Behavior in Kids Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health Headlines Children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are more likely to engage in antisocial behavior during adolescence and adulthood than their counterparts born to nonsmoking mothers. Medscape Medical News ------ Hundreds Charged in $1.3B US Healthcare Fraud/Opioid Scams Medscape Psychiatry & [...]