The Guardian view on a caring capitalism: healing an unhappy society

The zero-sum game of competition for money and status that has gripped societies over the past 30 years have made their publics richer overall and given them longer lives of better quality. It has led to an embarrassing wealth of consumer goods. Read more:

New Research From Psychological Science

Decision making often involves choosing among options without complete information, forcing us to estimate their relative favorability. We tend to choose the option with the highest estimated value, but we may fail to account for random error associated with these estimates. Read more:

Let’s Bring YOLO Back—This Time With Feeling

Remember YOLO? The once-common acronym that stands for “you only live once” has fallen out of our common vernacular in recent years, but in its heyday, YOLO was the kind of thing people would throw around often—particularly before doing something crazy. Read more: