How NOT to Argue with Your Kids About Marijuana

About Laurence M. Westreich, M.D. Laurence M. Westreich, M.D., is an addiction psychiatrist, clinical associate professor of Psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, and the author of A Parent’s Guide to Teen Addiction (Skyhorse Publishing) and Helping the Addict You Love. Read more:

Why Do The People I Love Hurt My Feelings So Often?

By Melissa Ritter, Ph.D. How many times have you felt hurt or insulted or shocked by what a friend, partner or family member has said or done to you? “How could they have been so insensitive?” “How could they have not known this would upset me?”  “HOW COULD THEY?” Read more:

Why testosterone is so important for sexuality in both sexes

Most people think of testosterone as a ‘male’ hormone.  That is, a hormone that is responsible for much of what we think of as characteristically ‘male’ such as assertiveness, impulsivity, competitiveness and, of course, sexuality. There is substantial evidence that this is largely correct. Read more:

Adolescent Substance Use and the Problem of Denial

No matter how disorganized their lives have become, young people who regularly rely on substances to their costs do not usually self-refer for help. Instead, they appear brazenly untroubled by their destructive use. Why? The answer is because of that “enemy in hiding,” denial. Read more:

Wife’s Choice of Surname Impacts Perception of Power in Marriage

Over the last half-century, American women have increasingly chosen to keep their maiden names. A new study suggests a wife’s choice of surnames may influence perceptions of her husband’s personality and the distribution of power in the marriage. In a three-part study conducted in the U.S. Read more: