Trump’s Threat to End Obamacare Insurer Payments Would Actually Cost More

The independent scoring agency finds suspending cost-sharing reductions, if carried out, would increase the costs of premiums and also increase the federal deficit. Turns out that cost-sharing reductions actually reduce costs. Read more:

The ‘Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative’ Internet

In the wake of Charlottesville and a resurgence of white supremacy, tech companies’ complex political positioning is getting harder to maintain. Both as a service and a company, Google has always been a convenient stand-in for the greater internet. Read more:

When the Pressure to Breastfeed Puts Babies at Risk

Mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding report being shamed and denied formula by some lactation specialists. After I had my daughter via cesarean section, I diligently tried to breastfeed. I kept my baby latched as directed, and maintained skin-to-skin contact. Read more:

After Charlottesville, Business Leaders Are Dumping the Trump Administration

CEOs from Intel, Under Armour, and Merck have resigned their positions on the president's manufacturing council and issued statements decrying racism. Updated on August 15 at 4:30 p.m. ET Read more: