Five Upsides of Conversations with Really Annoying People

We all sometimes have interactions that feel extremely frustrating, such as when the person we're dealing with seems to have questionable thinking processes or ethnics. When you've had one of these interactions, coming up with a silver lining to the encounter can help you feel better. Read more:

Most children and teens with gender dysphoria also have multiple other psychological issues

New research on gender identity disorder (also known as gender dysphoria, in which a person does not identify with their biological sex) questions how best to handle the condition when it arises in children and adolescents. Read more:

Five Reasons Why Your Romantic Relationships Do Not Last

Sometimes there is pattern that one begins to see in oneself: A relationship starts and is filled with hope, only to end all too soon.  If this happens to you, may I suggest 5 reasons why this might be the case and make some suggestions for breaking the pattern? Read more: