Inventing history to inculcate hatred

When 70 years ago India obtained freedom it also got divided on religious grounds. It was a momentous decision on the part of the leadership of the major political party in India at that time—the Congress “High Command”—to keep the Indian Union free of any religious or sectarian colour. Read more:

Dalits: In a state of unfreedom

In a socially plural society such as India, the idea of freedom tends to acquire internally differentiated meanings with varied emphasis. Hence, it becomes unavoidable for both analytical and political reasons to process this concept through the hierarchy of its significance. Read more:

The Awkward, Necessary U.S.-Turkey Relationship

There's no path to victory over ISIS without Erdogan. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has a difficult task ahead. In a visit to Turkey Wednesday, he will step into the thicket of competing interests that characterizes one of America's most important military partnerships. Read more:

Transplantees Find Catharsis in Holding Their Old Hearts

An initiative reunites transplant recipients with their former organs for education and therapy. Kamisha Hendrix’s heart lay on the table between us. Seventy days ago, this heart had been beating inside of her, back behind the dark scar that plunged into the neckline of her blouse. Read more: