Crisis on the Southern Border: We’re Putting Kids in Danger

In May 2018, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, under the direction of the Trump Administration, implemented a “zero tolerance” policy that directed judges to prosecute people who enter the United States illegally and place their children in separate custody. Read more:

For Better or Worse: Looking at Intimate Relationships Though a Developmental Lens

Close and intimate relationships are fundamental to personal growth and maturity. To be valued by those whom we value, and to be understood by those closest to us is the psychological air promoting health and well-being. Read more:

People Are Sleep Deprived. What Can They Do To Recover?

The American Sleep Disorders Association recommends American adults get seven or more hours of sleep each night.  Many don’t.  Between work, children, cellphones, aging parents, more work, illness and overall stress, lots of folks get a whole lot less sleep than they want. Read more:

Simple Problem-Solving Task Improves Brain Function After Concussion

Video: A simple cognitive task as early as four days after a sports-related concussion activates the region of the brain that improves memory function, and may guard against developing depression or anxiety, according to a new study. Read more: