Do You Want to Share the Story of Your Happiness Project? I’d Love to Hear About It.

I love any before-and-after story. Whether it’s in a book, magazine, TV show, movie, play, or wherever I might come across it, once I hear the “before,” I’m hooked; I have to see the “after.” In fact, the working title of my book Better Than Before was Before and After. Read more:

10 Mental Health Tips To Share With Your High School Senior

Have you ever talked with your high school senior about mental health? In my experience, parents may discuss majors and housing, not major depression and anxiety. However, I encourage parents to talk about these issues because rates of mental health problems continue to soar on college campuses. Read more:

Talking About Cell Phone Use With Students: A True Story

Ms. Tryit, a 7th grade teacher at one of the Conflict 180 schools, was beaming as she told me her story. "Well - you know how the cell phone use drives me crazy around here. Nothing was working. Reminders. Referrals. Threats. Calls home. And every teacher in the school has their own rules." Read more: