Four Pitfalls of Social Product Innovation

Nonprofits and other social sector organizations are enthusiastic about using innovative mobile and web-based tools to improve their programs and service delivery, and as costs per line of code drop and an “app for that” mentality becomes ubiquitous, these organizations—with their domain exp Read more:

Why Aren’t There More Women Working in Audio?

Like with many STEM-oriented fields, music production and sound engineering are dominated by men—though that’s very slowly changing. On a hot summer day in Nevada City, California, a group of teenage girls are scattered before a stage in the town’s cultural center. Read more:

The Problem with Saying “Don’t Bring Me Problems, Bring Me Solutions”

It’s time to retire the saying “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” Even though advocates of this approach believe it reduces whining, increases empowerment, helps employees manage up, and boosts careers, it’s fraught with challenges. Not every problem has an easy solution. Read more:

Research: Opposition to Federal Spending Is Driven by Racial Resentment

Conflicts over federal government spending have been a defining feature of 21st-century American politics. It is not surprising that a general uptick in opposition to spending should follow a global economic crisis like the Great Recession. Read more:

What Happens When Men Don’t Conform to Masculine Clothing Norms at Work?

Every morning, men make a seemingly mundane yet crucial decision: what to wear to work. Most pull out some variation of the charcoal, navy, or black suit from their closet. Some might add their own twist: a polka-dot pocket square or colorful socks. This probably isn’t surprising. Read more:

How Netflix’s Content Strategy Is Reshaping Movie Culture

“Bueller? Bueller?” If you’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, that one line probably conjures up memories of Oh yeah, chicka chicka, Ferraris, playing hooky, and dating in high school — all of which feature heavily in the hit coming-of-age film. Read more: