Weekly Insights – 12 August, 2017

When Torture Becomes Science Ethics / by By M. GREGG BLOCHE To some degree, the documents suggest, the two psychologists resisted pressure within the C.I.A. for rigorous assessment of the program’s efficacy. They argued that interrogation strategies can’t be standardized and therefore can’t be compared, like medical treatments, in randomized, prospective fashion. But backers of more systematic [...]

Weekly Insights – 05 August, 2017

  Disability: My $1,000 Anxiety Attack NYT > Opinion / by JOANNA NOVAK You don’t need Xanax, I tell myself in Row 7. Your armaments against anxiety are strong enough. I stow my purse and close my eyes behind my sunglasses. Static crashes in my headphones, and for a moment, my mind hushes. “Ladies and gentleman, we’re [...]

Weekly Insights – 27 July, 2017

Glass floors and slow growth: A recipe for deepening inequality and hampering social mobility Brookings.edu / by Abigail McKnight, Richard V. Reeves By Abigail McKnight, Richard V. Reeves Generations of British and American children have benefited from their parents’ hard work, which has contributed to many decades of strong economic growth. This has helped to ensure that, [...]