Don’t Suspend Students. Empathize.

To his teachers at Ridgeway High School in Memphis, Jason Okonofua was a handful. During class, his mind drifted and he would lose the thread of the lesson. He slouched at his desk and dozed off. His teachers seemed to take it personally, as a sign of disrespect. Read more:

Suicide is at record level among students at UK universities, study finds

The scale of the mental health crisis at UK universities is revealed in a study by the IPPR thinktank. It shows that the number of students who disclosed a mental health problem in their first year rose fivefold to reach 15,395 in a decade. Read more:

When Bullies Go Back to School: Spot Them, and Stop Them

Parents across the nation grieve collectively with every teen suicide attributed to bullying, mourning one of the most preventable types of loss faced by young people today.  Because bullying is not only preventable, it is predictable—if you know where to look. Read more:

The Educational Surprise of My Life: Community College

My first year of college was substantially different than I had anticipated, in ways both good and bad. For starters, I chose to attend community college mere weeks before the semester began. Read more:

Career Issues I’ve Changed My Mind About

Somehow, we’ve come to prize people who stick to their guns. But as Longfellow wrote, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Not wanting too little a mind, I have tried to remain opening to changing my views. Read more:

Open Letter To College-Bound Kids About Sex

Some three million young people head off to college this month for their freshman year. If one of them was my son or my daughter, here’s what I’d want them to know about sex. * If you want to have sex, don’t get drunk. Read more:

How to prepare for university: dos and don’ts

• Do use the rest of the summer holidays to research the content of the first term. The more you know now about your course, the more confident you will feel. • Do organise yourself. The biggest new challenge students face is to manage time and organise all their social and academic activities. Read more: … Continue reading How to prepare for university: dos and don’ts

Wellbeing in schools is being tossed aside in favour of exam elitism

My daughter took her own life after I failed to persuade her that getting top grades didn’t matter. Perhaps I failed because she could see that this wasn’t true Last Thursday my clever 16-year-old daughter Rachel should have been getting her GCSE results. Read more:

Transitioning to the New School Year Starts NOW

It’s the last week of August. Summer vacation and summer routines end. The school year routine begins. Even if the kids have been in daycare or camps or recreation programs, chances are the schedule during the summer months was a little — or a lot — different from the school year. Read more:

The Value of Pre-school

At this time of year, I always like to reassure parents of young children who are starting preschool, that they are making a good choice. Parents often wonder if it is okay for them to send their child out into the world at such a young age. Read more: