Liberty and Uncertainty

Steve Bannon is out of the White House, but he hasn't left the stage.  He is the man, you will recall, who was reported to say that he aims to “blow everything up” and “destroy the existing social and political order”?  What does that mean? It means uncertainty. Read more:

Collective Intelligence in the Holocene – 2

Like many people, I hope for a better world.  I hope for a world where there is less ignorance and violence and more wisdom and peace, less suffering and illness and more wellbeing and health, less closed-mindedness and selfishness and more open-mindedness and altruism. Read more:

Empowering Students of Color (Part 3 of 8)

On June 12, 2017, I (JR) had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Gail Thompson (GT) and Rufus Thompson (RT) to discuss their book: Yes, You Can!: Advice for Teachers Who Want a Great Start and a Great Finish With Their Students of Color (Thompson & Thompson, 2014). Read more:

Mind the Gap

The comments to that simple question revealed a great deal about the commentators themselves. For example, the first response was from a very fair skinned Caucasian woman from Texas whose Facebook page revealed that she's Christian, purportedly straight, middle class, and high school educated. Read more: