Psychology News – 23 July, 2017

How A Man’s Chest Signals His Intelligence PsyBlog / by Jeremy Dean Now we know why some men undo more shirt buttons than they should. A hairy chest signals higher intelligence in a man, research finds. Dr Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist, has found that hairy chests are more frequent among men who are highly educated, such as [...]

Psychology News – 22 July, 2017

How to Nurture Authenticity in Your Children Psychology Today / by Stephen Joseph Ph.D. Parents want their children to be happy in life. Paradoxically, that can translate into anxiety in the parent to push the child towards achievements that they are not interested in. For example, insisting that their son studies hard to ensure they get into [...]

Psychology News – 21 July, 2017

What We Finally Got Around to Learning at the Procrastination Research Conference Psychology and Psychologists / by By HEATHER MURPHY “I’ve never been in another conference where people didn’t laugh or snicker when I announced what the title of my talk was,” said Joel Anderson, an associate professor in the department of philosophy and religious studies at [...]

Psychology News – 20 July, 2017

Scientists discover combined sensory map for heat, humidity in fly brain Mind & Brain News Neuroscientists now can visualize how fruit flies sense and process humidity and temperature together through a 'sensory map' within their brains, according to new research. The findings could one day help researchers better understand how the human brain simultaneously processes [...]

Psychology News – 19 July, 2017

Vaccine rejection and hesitancy examined: Effect of calls to promote vaccination Mind & Brain News The center of a public health debate is whether parents should have their children vaccinated. Researchers challenge statements made by influential individuals who oppose the widespread use of vaccines. _____________ Surprising genetic variety in childhood brain cancer Mind & Brain [...]

Psychology News – 18 July, 2017

The Power of Wakeup Calls Psychology Today / by Gregg Levoy Wakeup calls—the 2X4 approach to consciousness-raising—are simply calls that, from neglect , have become desperate to get your attention. They don’t generally start out that way. They start as polite requests, gentle taps on the shoulder, whispers in your ear, and they escalate to rude shoves [...]