Coaching Is What You Do, It’s Not Who You Are

I often encourage parents and coaches to, as much as possible, avoid asking athletes questions or making statements that subtly reinforce excessive value on winning and their athletic identity (e.g. “did you win?”, “oh you lost again?”). Read more:

Seven Tips for Enjoying a Family Thanksgiving Celebration

Family gatherings can be difficult. All the emotional baggage and hurt feelings of the past can simmer beneath the surface. If allowed, these feelings can erupt in ugly ways. Here are a few tips to keep calm and help all family members enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. 1.Do not discuss politics. Read more:

A Solution to The Biggest Mystery You’ve Learned to Ignore

Humanity has done itself proud with all the scientific discoveries of the last four hundred years. But for all we’ve discovered, we haven’t been able to explain the physical difference between a live and dead body. Living beings try to keep going. Non-living things don’t. Read more:

Christmas Decorating: When is it Too Soon?

Is it too early to be prepping for the Christmas holidays? Does your family wait until mid-December – or at least the first of December – before hauling out the angels, snowmen, reindeer, or wreaths and candles? Some families can barely get Thanksgiving dinner dishes washed before they Read more:

Doing Poorly at School? Failure Isn’t the End of the Road

For most of us, we’ve been told to get good grades and we’ll be successful in life. As a result, we become stressed when exams roll around. For some of us, we have failed exams and maybe even courses. Does failure at school mean we will also fail in life? Read more: