Are Judges Swayed by Apologies?

If you stop and think about it, judges shoulder a huge responsibility and represent the public interest in staggering ways. For instance, judges preside over civil settlements, resolve approximately half of all civil cases that go to trial, and impose nearly all criminal sentencing. Read more:

Fundamental Factors of Success in Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you love has struggled with addiction, you know how difficult it is to get and stay clean. The road to recovery doesn’t go in only one direction, and as hard as it may be to accept, setbacks and relapses are part of the process. Read more:

The First Domestication: How Wolves and Humans Coevolved

I recently had the pleasure of reading ray Pierotti and Brandy Fogg's new book called The First Domestication: How Wolves and Humans Coevolved. In their landmark book, the authors begin by clearly outlining the material they want to cover and how they will go about doing it. Read more:

Why It Is So Difficult to Change Someone’s Point of View

Television is supposed to be stimulating—I get that. The content of the show is often not the driving force to success. But do we really listen to those few shows that are supposed to teach us something? When I see a show about history I take it in. But history has already taken place. Read … Continue reading Why It Is So Difficult to Change Someone’s Point of View