Human Rights – Current Affairs – 11 August, 2017

Philippines: Mandatory College Drug Tests Imperil Students Human Rights Watch News / by Human Rights Watch Expand Students protest extrajudicial killings at a university in metro Manila, Philippines, September 30, 2016. © 2016 Reuters (Manila) – The Philippine government’s plan for mandatory drug testing for all college students and applicants seriously threatens their safety and right to [...]

Society & Development – Current Affairs – 11 August, 2017

Women Around the World: This Week Main Feed / by Council on Foreign Relations Pakistani Taliban recruits women The Pakistani Taliban accelerated its recruitment of women this month, launching a new women’s magazine to encourage potential female recruits to join. The publication targets a young, social media-savvy audience, inviting women to organize and learn how to use [...]

Human Rights (Opinions & Editorials) – 11 August, 2017

The ACLU stands up for an alt-right author’s freedom of speech Democracy in America IN AMERICA, the fight for free speech sometimes produces odd alliances. Nearly four decades ago, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a left-leaning advocacy group, famously defended the right of neo-Nazis to march through a neighbourhood in Skokie, Illinois, in which [...]

Society & Development (Opinions & Editorials) – 11 August, 2017

No more reservations, government should tell this to reservation-warriors The Financial ExpressEdits & Columns – The Financi... / by The Financial Express Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis (Reuters) At some point, sooner rather than later, the central government has to realise that postponing the issue of increased caste-based reservation by groups that cannot possibly be considered backward simply [...]

World (Asia) – Current Affairs – 11 August, 2017

Pyongyang challenge: Should US shoot Kim’s missiles down? The Hindu - International / by AP With North Korea threatening to send a salvo of ballistic missiles close to a U.S. military hub in the Pacific, pressure could grow for Washington to put its multibillion—dollar missile defense system into use and shoot them out of the air before [...]