World (Opinions & Editorials) – 03 August, 2017

Op-Ed Contributor: How to Keep the FARC Guerrillas Out of the Fight NYT > Opinion / by OLIVER KAPLAN and ENZO NUSSIO The process has been slow. The camps for the rebels during the transition were not ready on time. Fast-track procedures to approve legislation in Congress were struck down by the constitutional court, stalling laws for … Continue reading World (Opinions & Editorials) – 03 August, 2017

Psychology News – 03 August, 2017

How Much Gender Inequality is There in Internet Pornography? Psychology Today / by Justin J Lehmiller Ph.D. Source: 123RF/Mateusz Żogała Internet porn is frequently criticized for depicting gender inequality; however, surprisingly little research has examined what the gendered content of online porn actually looks like. What little research exists has focused largely on still photos and erotic … Continue reading Psychology News – 03 August, 2017