World (Opinions & Editorials) – 02 August, 2017

Op-Ed Contributor: When I Replaced Soviet Workers in the U.S. Embassy NYT > Opinion / by LISA DICKEY Photo The United States embassy building under construction in Moscow during the 1980s. Credit Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis, via Getty Images This week, President Vladimir Putin announced that 755 employees of United States diplomatic facilities in Russia will be booted from … Continue reading World (Opinions & Editorials) – 02 August, 2017

Psychology News – 02 August, 2017

Narcissism and Capacity for Change Psychology Today / by Dianne Grande Ph.D. Source: L. Grande, used with permission It is not unusual today for individuals to be labeled as narcissistic by their family members, friends, or co-workers. It has become a very popular concept and, according to some experts, a more common problem among today’s Y-generation than … Continue reading Psychology News – 02 August, 2017