World (Opinions & Editorials) – 01 August, 2017

Darwin versus Erdogan opinion / by Govind Bhattacharjee Turkey, once seen as a model democratic state in the Islamic world, combining Islamism and political pluralism, seems to be sliding back into medieval times... _____________ Op-Ed Contributor: How Brexit Britain Can Reset the Immigration Debate NYT > Opinion / by RACHEL SHABI In sectors where migrants are used to drive … Continue reading World (Opinions & Editorials) – 01 August, 2017

Nation (Opinions & Editorials) – 01 August, 2017

Indian Railways can still beat airlines opinion / by Thiruvannathapuram S. Ramakrishnan Within the maximum speed limits of conventional tracks, Indian Railways could still compete and attract a sizeable number of air passengers towards... _____________ India is not shimmering, it is simmering Opinion – The Indian Express / by Manish Tewari Written by Manish Tewari | Updated: August 1, … Continue reading Nation (Opinions & Editorials) – 01 August, 2017

Psychology News – 01 August, 2017

Brainy Innovation Tips from Edward Kliphuis, Investment Director with Merck Ventures SharpBrains / by Alvaro Fernandez Edward Kliphuis Question: Edward, please share 1-2 major brain health needs you observe right now whose solution demands a creative and significant tech-enabled innovation. Answer: We need to target depression, stress and fatigue in a quantifiable manner (ie. no wellness-like claims, … Continue reading Psychology News – 01 August, 2017